Tommy Hilfiger

2D & 3D animatie

To minimize the risk of backdoor sales and counterfeit production and appropriate level of in-plant security regarding IP rights e.g. labels, trims, tags, sketches and tech sheets, PVH (Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein) contacted mookx to produce this animation.

The animation needed to be clear and comprehensible from management to workforce. With factories all over the world, the design needed to have global cultural appeal: from the Middle East and Asia, to South America. Without any use of spoken word and written text, we managed to communicate the message to workers all around the globe.


  • Mookx & Dustin Kershaw


  • Lea Jurida


  • Mookx & Ruth Taylor


  • PVH


  • Creative direction, art direction, illustration, 3D modelling, animation, production